Relate Leicestershire offers courses to statutory and voluntary agencies, businesses and the general public. Courses can be 'tailor-made' to suit the needs of individual groups or organisations or arranged from our portfolio of accredited courses.

Some of the courses offered by Relate Leicestershire include:

  • Basic Counselling Skills
  • Inspiring Good Behaviour in pre-school children
  • Building Confidence & Self Esteem
  • Parenting Children
  • Parenting Teenagers
  • Talk More, Listen More
  • Strengthening your Relationship
  • Building Confidence & Self Esteem
Separated Parents Information Programme (SPIP/PIPs)
Date: Please ask us for the next available date (daytime and evening courses available)

The programme is designed to help parents learn more about the challenges of post-separation parenting, including the effects on children on on-going conflict.  It also aims to provide advice and support about how best to help children in this situation, and seeks to enable parents to take steps towards their own solutions.  Most parents that go on the course say they find it very helpful.


The Separated Parents Information Programme:

  • It is usually delivered to mixed groups of applicants (parents applying for contact with their children) and respondents (parents responding to an application for contact) in 2 x 2 hour sessions or 1 x 4 hour session.  You must be there for the whole course.
  • Separated couples do not go on the same course, but it is important that both parents go on a course.

A SPIP might be appropriate for parents (or other parties) when:

  • You may have difficulty focusing on your children's needs due to on-going conflict; and/or
  • You find that your feelings and reactions to the separation are affecting your ability to communicate about your children; and/or
  • You are preparing for mediation; and
  • There are no safeguarding concerns about children or parents.

The course:

  • The divorce and separation process - this is where we encourage you to think about finding solutions to your situation.
  • What children need - you will watch a powerful DVD made by young people that follows a family over a 6 month period as the parents separate.
  • Parent communication - we will ask you to discuss a prepared scenario and to look at it from the viewpoint of the mother, father and children.
  • Emotions - finally you will look at the emotional effect divorce and separation can have and the options for moving forward.


  • We only report back to Cafcass/Court about attendance and do not assess your responses to the various parts of the programme.  We will ask you to complete an evaluation form at the end of the programme.

To take part in a course:

 Courts have the power, by making a court order, to 'direct' parents to go to contact activities that are aimed at promoting safe contact with children. 

You can be ordered to go onto a Separated Parents Information Programme and/or to a Mediation Information Meeting.  Cafcass is usually asked to advise the court if it is suitable for you

There is no charge to attend the programme.

Counselling Skills for Non-Counsellors
Date: Please phone 0116 2543011 to ask

The 6 hour course will take place at our Leicester Office, 83 Aylestone Road Leicester LE2 7LL.  

Please bring lunch or meal, coffee & tea provided.

Do you work in a helping,supportive or front line role? Would you like to be able to communicate more effectively?

The purpose of the course is to offerr a framework & some of the skills necessary in helping others. It is an essential introductory one-day course to enable you to move to further counselling training or to decide on a future career as a counsellor.

With over 70 years experience in counselling individuals, couples, families & young people Relate Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland is in a prime position to be able to offer high quality counselling Skills training. You will gain a certificate on completion.

Course Content

  • What are counsellingskills? The core conditions,a three stage model based on Carkhuff and Egan,fundamentals of the counselling process and use of skills.
  • The skills associated with the three stage model 
  • Interview management and timekeeping 
  • The need for clear boundaries and structure 
  • Ethical issues,the limitationsof the use of counselling skills and the needf or support
  • Self awareness and enabling change

 These are not accredited courses 

The cost of the course is £110 per person.

Course Dates

Daytime courses; sometimes evening courses. Please phone Relate on 0116 2543011 for up-to-date details.:

To be arranged.

All day courses will start at 10am & finish at 4.30pm; .




For details of future courses please contact us.

If you have a group of people either privately or in an organisation then we are happy to provide the training in house for 10-12 people. The cost for an in-house programme is £750. Training for smaller groups - prices will be negotiated. Please contact us


Phone:  0116  2543011


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Counselling Skills for Non-Counsellors
The 6 hour course will take place at our Leicester Office, 83 Aylestone Road Leicester LE2 7LL.   Please bring lunch or meal, coffee & tea provided. Do you work in a helping,supportive or front line role? Would you like to be able to communicate more effe ...
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