Sex Addiction help is now available

Sex therapists trained in Sex addiction offfer appointments at the Relate Office on 83 Aylestone Road. Therapy starts with an assessment & then proceeds to therapy geared to each individual. 

Phone and ask for a Sex Addiction appointment.

Volunteers wanted

Volunteers wanted for evenings & Saturday mornings on our Reception Desk.

Volunteers to undertake admin tasks wanted for 2 - 3 hours per week in the daytime.

Phone us on 0116 2543 011 & ask to speak to Judith or Suzanne.

Landline not working
Date: 27th Sept 2018

Apologies for the disruption to our service.

Please call us on:

  • 07544 373 741
  • 07403 103 226
Recruiting Counsellors
Date: would you like to work for Relate Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland?

We are looking for Young People's Counsellors, Relationship Counsellors, Family Counsellors, Sex Therapists.

Please contact Suzanne on 0116 2543 011

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Counselling Skills for Non-Counsellors
The 6 hour course will take place at our Leicester Office, 83 Aylestone Road Leicester LE2 7LL.   Please bring lunch or meal, coffee & tea provided. Do you work in a helping,supportive or front line role? Would you like to be able to communicate more effe ...
Apologies for the disruption to our service. Please call us on: 07544 373 741 07403 103 226 ...
As a mere male, I was not keen to try counselling but it has helped immensely. i would go to Relate again if needed. My couns ...
An excellent service; It got me to open up & helped make things I struggled to talk about much easier. We both felt at ea ...
I found Relate a very positive experience. It got me to a place that I couldn't have achieved without help. With a good r ...
Amazing. Life changing. Huge help. ...
I would recommend Relate to others. It was a very worthwhile experience which has changed our lives for the better. It w ...